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Dialogue With The Virus

Dialogue With The Virus...

Researchers are reporting that human activity is likely causing viruses such as Covid-19. Such activities include; deforestation, urban sprawl and the trafficking of wild animals for consumption – with the end result being the loss of biodiversity. If we are the cause, what is the CoronaVirus here to teach us as a human race? Would its goal be to slow all of us down, to bring awareness to the fragility of life? Maybe it would remind us that no race, gender, sexual preference or religion is excused from infection, and that all humans are equal in the eyes of nature. Whether we view this virus experience through the emotion of fear, or love, there are incredible lessons available for each of us if we choose to see them. From our perspective every experience offers humankind unbounded opportunities for learning, growth and evolvement. Let’s see what this virus has to say.

As I dialogue with the virus, it responds:

Stop and observe! Foremost, return to your breath. Notice your inhale and exhale. Has the suppleness of it changed? Are you mindful of the life source called breath, or your lungs that are so effortlessly supporting you? All of life on our planet depends upon oxygen and engages in some form of breath. As humans, you must learn to appreciate this and the delicate balance of nature, as I can easily alter your life source.

Remember the trees that produce oxygen for you to breathe. Show gratitude to the trees and recognize their part in sustaining your life. Without trees you would cease to exist. Protect the trees! Stop allowing human greed to destroy them. It is the home for millions of species that host viruses like me. As you destroy the forests, you cause these viruses to creep closer into your home where we will end up infiltrating your habitat.

My habitat is in wild animals. I live off of them without causing harm. I want to live, just as you. However, you are clearing habitats that support my host. Besides destroying their habitat, you are rapidly depleting these animals for your consumption and upsetting nature’s delicate balance in countless other ways. Unfortunately, I can’t live inside of you without causing harm. I don’t mean to harm you, but understand, I have no choice for my own survival.

Look around. Have you noticed the pollution, litter and environmental destruction that you are causing on our planet? As you are forced to pause during this virus experience, notice the skies clearing up, waterways cleansing themselves and animals flourishing and reclaiming their lands. Observe your role in the symmetry of life and reflect on how you can live with more consciousness. Protect our planet and ALL its inhabitants. You are not the only species living here. While you may perceive yourself as more powerful than all the other species, this is simply your own illusion. I’m not the first virus of my kind, and I’m not the last. The more you disrupt my environment, and Mother Nature, the more intense and destructive I may become. Be mindful of how you utilize your limited power or you may find yourselves unable to breathe or inhabit planet earth. Remember, humans are not necessary to this planet. Mother Nature, the earth, oceans, and sky will exist and rehabilitate itself long after you are gone. Humans are only temporary guests on this planet so govern yourselves accordingly.

Consume less, protect your natural resources, and shift your mindset to one of conservation and sustainability. Spread Love, Spread Light and show Gratitude. Unite as one with the Planet. From the tiniest microorganism to largest mammal, every living thing is critical throughout the web of life. Honor all life so we can seamlessly coexist.

Choose to be an Ambassador for Change! Visit our 100 Ways To Heal The Planet #45 Loss of Biodiversity to learn how you can make an impact. 

It’s up to each of us to utilize our #100 Power of Choice. See all 100 Ways to Heal The Planet and start to co-create the kind of planet you would like to see.

If this resonates with you please TAKE ACTION NOW and share this with as many others as you can.


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