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What To Do With Those Election Signs

What To Do With Those Election Signs

With the election season complete, it is time to remove the political signs from our homes and businesses. Of course, some people went one step further than this. Some homeowners have been using wooden flagpoles to show their support to their favorite presidential candidate. Luckily, those people could just change the flag that they have on the flagpole for something like an American flag. Unfortunately, signs are slightly more difficult to dispose of. That being said, what do we do with them? Place them in the trash, recycle them, or upcycle them into a sturdy storage box? There are actually numerous things you can do with political signs that are much better for the environment than simply throwing them in the trash.

Here are few alternatives to upcycling and/or recycling your signage.

1) Contact A Local Beekeeper.
Political signs, surprisingly, are excellent for protecting beehives from insects and other pests. Many beekeepers can save money by upcycling political signs instead of buying cardboard at the hardware store. Not all beekeepers use them, have the ability or need to accept signs, but it is a great way to connect with your local farming & beekeeping community while protecting the planet.

2) Upcycle It.
In the market for some new small space storage bins? Or, interested in channeling your inner
artist by creating a custom sign for an upcoming special event? Check out this DIY Sign Storage Box tutorial. Consider researching Pinterest for hundreds of other ways you can upcycle your signs.

3) Check With Your Local Recycling Facility.
It is possible that your local recycling facility accepts these signs, but it is critical to check before possibly contaminating your recycling. Most political signs today are made from corrugated cardboard, unfortunately, it is coated in plastic, preventing it from being recycled. Some waste management facilities have the resources to break them down properly. One way you can ensure it is recyclable for future elections is to stick to cardboard only. Cardboard signs are more gentle on our planet so next time ask the campaigns you support to consider cardboard. The planet and its finite resources don’t care which side of the aisle you vote for however, our planet does care that we honor and protect her and all of its inhabitants. Making informed and mindful decisions in your everyday life are the best ways we can ensure a healthy and abundant planet for future generations.

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