The Oil Alarm

The Oil Alarm is the tale of humanity’s reliance on a finite resource and how that impacts every aspect of our lives. Author, speaker, and activist Liam Schieff explains how oil has become the backbone of our society and he explains the impact that the fast dwindling supplies will have on our world economy and our lives. Utilizing the whiteboard method of video animation, similar to “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, Liam tells the world’s story of oil with humor and wit.

100 Things you can do to Heal the Planet

We human beings are creatures of habit and Mother Earth is giving us serious feedback that our current behavior and habits are not sustainable. Click here for the start of a list of 100 things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and Heal the Planet. Will you help us reach 100?

things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint


noun | [en-tel-uh-kee]

1. The idea that everything in the universe has an innate ‘possibility’ held within, just like a seed, and that potential needs only a supportive environment to be fully expressed.
2. A vital agent or force directing growth and life.

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