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Heal the Planet is committed to real & lasting healing for the planet and all it's inhabitants through education action and small acts that create huge positive impact.


A hands-on learning program designed to connect students with the natural world and their place in it, the SEED Project takes a holistic approach in addressing ecological awareness and sustainability, including topics such as self-identity, food systems, biodiversity, and systems thinking.



Heal the Planet Day is a yearly event that celebrates Earth Day by bringing together the South Florida community for a day of fun, family-friendly activities. The focus is on small, local acts that have a huge, global impact. The next Heal the Planet Day will be on April 21, 2019!

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Here at Heal the Planet we believe that only by working together will we be able to nourish what is best in each of us. Part of our mission is to inspire and support community leaders and paradigm changers. We welcome volunteers and great ideas to help make this a reality!

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Amazon Purchase = Donation

Do your normal Amazon shopping on Amazon Smile and they will donate to Heal The Planet Together for each purchase! Just click here to set us as your preferred non-profit, and remember to use the Amazon Smile link to access your account when you go to make a purchase to have it count as a donation. Shop like normal, and Amazon donates on your behalf!


To create innovative education, partnerships, and community programming aimed at inspiring a generation of leaders empowered to Heal the Planet.


Empower and inspire individual and community actions for a sustainable and loving planet.


We believe inside of everyone is a seed waiting to be nourished that will grow into that person’s highest potential and greatest gift to the world.


Heal the Planet is committed to real & lasting healing for the planet and all it’s inhabitants through education, action, and small acts that create huge positive impact.


We actively engage communities in sustainable lifestyle events and education and we provide support and services to change-makers, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs.


We human beings are creatures of habit and Mother Earth is giving us serious feedback that our current behavior and habits are not sustainable. Below is the start of a list of 100 things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and Heal the Planet. Will you help us reach 100? In the comments please leave ideas about how YOU help to heal the planet!

Looking for even more ways to help reduce your carbon footprint and Heal the Planet? Check out ways you can get involved with Heal the Planet here!

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Heal the Planet Together Inc. is a registered 501c3 company and gratefully accepts donations in any amount.

Your generous contributions allow us to continue to share life-altering information and experiences with children of all ages. Any amount you choose to donate will go a long way to help Heal the Planet. Find out more about how your donation can help here.

If you wish to donate to a specific program or event such as the SEED Project, Amazing Kids, Amazing Planet, or Heal the Planet Day please specify that in the notes section of the donation. If you are interested in higher level sponsorships for any of our events please contact our Executive Director, Rachel Shapiro at:

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  • @yellofl elite dance performance @ main stage!
  • Come get woke w awesome vegan treats from ohm woke! All the way from Orlando
  • The Sun is Out @ htpd 2018!! We’ve got 3 more hours so come on down!  Awesome band sosos comes on @4p
  • The So Flo  Vegans Speakers Corner is popping! Lots more presentations today!  Come on down #htpd2018
  • Thanks 93.9 for supporting Heal the Planet Day!  Stop by the booth for to play cornhole  and win prizes!
  • Thank you to our sponsor @LegacyBank for sponsoring us 3yrs running!
  • Come belly dance w us in the Movement Zone sponsored by YelloCreative Arts & Events Center @yellofl #htpd2018
  • Meet the new kid on the block Vegan Fine Foods!  Stop by the booth @#htpd12018 and check out their store and cafe next to the park!!
  • Come sip some delicious tea from our awesome sponsor Organic India!
  • Come check out some delicious teas from our sponsor Organic India!
  • Our emcee Nathalie Rodriguez is here and Heal the Planet is rockin’
  • Health is Wealth: For instant pain relief, go for a swim in cold open water #healtheplanet #planetheal #painrelief #coldwater


Jerk Jackfruit Recipe

Jerk Jackfruit Recipe

Chef’s Notes Each individual recipe should be seasoned enough to stand up on it’s own but not enough to overpower anything else it’s going to be served with.  Take it easy on the spice. Although recipe amounts are exact to my taste, you may not like as much spice as I do or you may […]


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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

As the forefathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the unalienable rights endowed to men (and women) of this country are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Fast forward 242 years and we are seriously messing with those rights as we clamor for a faster, more convenient lifestyle, adding up to a seemingly disposable […]

Thank You To Our Volunteers – Heal the Planet Day 2018

Thank You To Our Volunteers – Heal the Planet Day 2018

Volunteering has deep roots in American culture.  From colonists’ humble beginnings, banding together to help plant crops and build houses, to the first volunteer firehouse developed by Ben Franklin, our nation was founded upon people coming together to work toward a common good. The 20th century brought volunteering into the mainstream, with the creation of […]

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