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Young SEEDs In The Park

About Young SEEDs

The 2nd Wednesday &  4th Saturday of Each Month.

Heal The Planet’s Sustainable Energy EDucation program in Snyder Park!

Young SEEDs in The Park is a FREE three-hour course for children ages 4-17. 

This course teaches children about nutrition, wellness, the power of choice, and how it can positively impact their own health, and the well-being of our planet.

Workshops include gardening, food demonstrations and education, yoga and movement, breathwork, mindfulness practices, art, and more. During food demonstrations our educators introduce new vegetables to our young SEEDs, expanding their palettes and encouraging healthy eating. Food can be fun! For the gardening portion, our Young SEEDs like to get dirty, enjoying a hands-on experience such as planting, mulching, etc. Movement is always incorporated into the day before settling down for art and inspiration.

Attendance is encouraged at all our monthly meetings, as we create new activities for each workshop. Parent participation throughout the workshop is welcome! We are never too old to learn – and who can say no to a delicious snack?
We hope to see you there!

To book a 6-week SEED Program for your school, please contact Joanna at

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