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Meet Misimi Isimi

June's Young Planet Leader - Misimi Isimi

Misimi Isimi is the president of Eco-Kids Green Club. She is a 14year-old waste activist and a child environmentalist whose untiring effort is to create a sense of hopefulness for the future. She is resolute in ensuring the general public learns how to make the best decisions regarding the use of natural resources as well as the best ways to protect the environment from harmful pollution, providing children with a strong foundation on environmental stewardship and instilling environmental consciousness as a way of life starting from their tender age. Misimi Isimi’s mission is to make green a part of life for kids and help children learn about responsible environmental stewards. It is a great way for children to share ideas about the earth, get access to fun information and resources to help kids go green, and help them know their part in protecting the environment.

Misimi Isimi’s vision for underprivileged children is to start an environmental school (Cco Kids Academy). She is currently working on starting her self défense school for a girl child. She is also working on the second phase of the “children for a cleaner Lagos initiative” which is the school to school campaign in partnership with Lagos state and Tony Iji. Misimi’s vision is to educate children on topics like waste management, recycling, climate change, global warming, recycling, afforestation, deforestation, upcycling, etc. She is also working on launching her recycling app (Blueko app).

Misimi has be awarded numerous awards throughout Nigeria and the world for her enviromental activism. In 2018, she got an award “for the best kid in an environmental campaign at the “Nigerian top ten kid award”. She was also involved in the lagos state blue box initiative where she gave a speech on recycling.

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