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“One candle can light a thousand other candles and still remain lit itself. Be that candle.” ― James Altucher

Young Planet Leaders is a platform where featured leaders are utilizing their unique gifts and creativity doing acts which create a huge positive impact and inspiring others to do the same.

Just like the ability of one candle to ignite thousands of other candles without diminishing its own life, we see Young Planet Leaders raising the sum total level of consciousness and illuminating the planet. We see a world where everyone can be a Young Planet Leader, shining their light bright and illuminating each other and the planet.

Young Planet Leader is based on the idea that, our overall happiness and wellbeing is related to our own consciousness, understanding of ourselves and the part we see ourselves playing in society.  Young Planet Leaders are guiding the next generation to transform our planet.


Our mission is to feature, empower and inspire young social change leaders who use their creativity and actions for the betterment of all mankind creating a healthier and more sustainable planet. We are committed to supporting these young leaders who are encouraging and inspiring others to make a difference.

A Young Planet Leader sets an example by their actions as though the entire planet is held in balance and any deed they might do could tip the scales. They understand that each choice and action they make directly influences what our planet will look like now and in the future.

We envision a planet where each and every one of us shows up in our greatest potential and highest expression of ourselves for the health and wellbeing of our planet, and all its inhabitants.

A Young Planet Leader envisions a planet where each person lives utilizing their entelechy to their full and highest potential.

A planet where each person looks within and takes full responsibility and accountability for his or her own actions thereby creating a more accepting, non-judgmental, and unconditional loving planet.

Each Young Planet Leader sees the oneness and unbounded potential of our collective energy. Young Planet Leaders transcend the norm and fearlessly take action for the betterment of all thereby creating a planetary shift in consciousness and wellbeing.


Meet Aman Sharma

Meet Aman Sharma

Join Aman: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Meet Maya Tharoo

Meet Maya Tharoo

Join Maya: Website: Facebook: Instagram: TEDx:

Meet Adam Avin

Meet Adam Avin

November's Young Planet Leader - Adam Avin Teen mental health education advocate, Adam Avin, created the Wuf Shanti Children's Wellness Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to teach mindfulness and social emotional learning, so children 3-17 years-old can live in health and wellness & peace and positivity. Adam also founded the Kids' Association for Mindfulness in [...]


Each month Heal The Planet will feature a Young Planet Leader who is committed to creating a huge positive impact on our planet and inspiring others to do the same. Each quarter one of these monthly featured Young Planet Leaders will be eligible to win a $1,000 grant courtesy of our founder. If you are between 8 -18 years old, or know of a candidate who wishes to be considered as a Young Planet Leader, please send us a 100 word or less description of what you and your organization is doing.

The Young Planet Leader will create a video which will be shared on all our social media platforms.


The most shared and liked video out of the three participants during the Young Planet Leaders featured month, will win a $1,000 grant. The grant will, ideally, be made payable to the winning Young Planet Leaders non-profit as a means to support their efforts as well as encourage other Young Planet Leaders to come forward.
The award will be announced within one week of the end of each quarter.
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