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SEED Testimonials

SEED Program Testimonials

“There’s no doubt in my mind that our HANDY youth are better off because of Heal the Planet programming. As you expand capacity through the good work of Rachel and others, I will continue to be your champion.”

-Evan J. Goldman, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, HANDY INC.

“Just needed to share a big success here at Parkway.  The SEED Program from Heal The Planet has provided such valuable lessons to Parkway’s Holistic Horticulture students.   I cannot recommend them enough.  They have visited for 6 days covering SEL  and healthy lifestyle (decision making, sleep, eating) that involves cooking and sampling healthy recipes.    
We have had two days so far of activities including taking pride in yourself, problem solving, integrated science lessons, and of course making healthy smoothies and zucchini spiral “Spaghetti,”  The students  are highly engaged and are eating fresh food they have never eaten before.”
-Carolyn Sant Angelo, Holistic Horticulture, Parkway STEM Middle School
“I applaud the “SEED Project” from Heal the Planet! Rachel Shapiro brought this program to our school, Sawgrass Elementary, last May, 2016 for six lessons about nutrition and healthy living. It made such a positive impact on both students and parents as many were unaware of the four pillars of health. After their visit, families were suddenly sharing new recipes for zucchini pasta and working on new fitness plans. Snacks in my classroom also suddenly changed from Doritos and Hershey Bars to apples, nuts and date seed energy balls! What an amazing program for everyone! I’m excited that they will be able to come back again and work with our students this month.”

-Susan Rothbard, 4th Grade Teacher, Sawgrass Elementary

“The students at Nova Eisenhower Elementary in Davie are lucky with the experience brought by, Heal the Planet, SEED Project. They wait attentively and look forward to the weekly lesson that most are not normally exposed to. This project brings students and teachers together to learn about nutrition, fitness and the importance of each. Students are taught how they can make/have an impact on our world and understand the sustainable resources available to all of us. The hands-on food preparation, lessons and fitness activities are engaging. The room is filled with energy, curiosity and the faces of bright minds ready to absorb the weekly message.”

-T. Luck, M.S., 2nd Grade Teacher, Nova Eisenhower Elementary

Broward School Students Testimonials:
“I  haven’t done the zucchini pasta yet, but I still learned something. I learned that even though processed foods might taste delicious, they’re not healthy since they take out all the proteins and nutrients in the foods. Whole foods is the food that keeps you healthy.”
“I  learned that if I eat the processed foods, it might taste nice for me, but it is doing bad for my body.”
“I had fun today making my green smoothie.  This wasn’t my first time making one, my sisters like to make them for breakfast.  I put in my smoothie pineapple, bananas, mango, kale, spinach, a little ginger, and vanilla almond milk.  It was delicious.  The smoothie was sweet and creamy.  I might make these more often, especially because it is nutritious.”
“I used the recipe and bought a package of zucchini spirals and added tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. I myself do NOT like zucchini. But the dish that I prepared with my dad was very delicious! We saved some for dinner today:). In addition, I learned that eating the right foods is important for your body.”
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