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For years, Heal the Planet Founder, Ken Fisher, has had a deep desire to educate and inspire consumers to collectively and consciously rally around their shared values and intentions and utilize their purchase power to directly help heal the planet. Informed choices empower us to patronize companies and organizations who ethically manufacture, assemble and distribute consumer products, pay a fair, living wage, provide safe working conditions, use sustainable materials and a reduce their carbon footprint.

Imagine a planet where every business operates humanely, consciously, sustainably, and philanthropically, perpetually giving back a percentage of its profits to enhance the quality of life in communities where it does business. This vision is the driving force behind Heal the Planet’s Conscious Consumer Module. How can you as a well-meaning consumer help to create a lasting social and environmental impact, ensuring that our vision becomes a reality? By exclusively patronizing the companies who support this level of consciousness, for the common good of the planet and all its inhabitants.

As a consumer, YOU hold all the power. Manufacturers are strictly profit driven, producing only what consumers continually choose to purchase en masse. When we collectively commit to patronizing conscious companies with our hard-earned dollars, we create a tipping point. More and more businesses will feel the need to meet our demands, and seemingly small, individual acts will gain the momentum necessary to influence these companies to adapt their practices—or face losing market share.

We already know that many of you want to help. According to a recent Nielsen study, forty-two percent of American consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services manufactured by companies committed to leaving a positive social and environmental impact. That statistic is what prompted Heal the Planet to conduct a meta-analysis of the predominant ethical practices of organizations found to be socially and ecologically responsible. The end result is a consumer rating tool that measures the environmental backbone of a company’s employment, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and philanthropic practices.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."
— Margaret Mead


We invite you to become part of the paradigm shift to positively affect the way business is conducted on our planet. Use the form on this page to direct us to companies that meet the 10 criteria listed below. Once our research team verifies the information, we will upload that company and its product(s) to our database. The bigger our database, the bigger the impact.

Our planet can only remain “our planet” if we choose to act consciously, putting our collective energy and power to work as one.  Please share this page using the link below. Ask your friends and family to help you make a “Small Act, Huge Impact.”

The Conscious Buyer Criteria

  1. People Over Profits*
  2. Give Back Program*
  3. Fair Trade, Fair Wage and No Child Labor *
  4. Green Eco-Friendly – Low Carbon Footprint*
  5. Local and Sustainably Sourced
  6. 100% Non-GMO Components/Ingredients
  7. 100% Certified Organic Components/Ingredients
  8. Partially Non-GMO/Certified Organic
  9. No Animal Testing
  10. Sustainable/Compostable Packaging


*Required Criteria – Every Company listed as a Conscious Company must meet all these


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