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The SEED Project takes a holistic approach in addressing ecological awareness and sustainability, including topics such as self-identity, food systems, biodiversity, and systems thinking (awareness of the whole and how the parts within interrelate). Through these lessons we attempt to intrinsically motivate both students and teachers, to make choices from a global perspective. Ideally participants receive a plethora of experiential information and life skills so they can lead by example. In this way, participants get to take the concepts we have been conveying and become light bearers for others to observe and experience.

Our desire is to teach our SEED Project through partnerships with schools, community agencies, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations thereby creating a strong, collaborative effort for the betterment of humankind, our planet and all its inhabitants.

The SEED Project is an experiential, hands-on learning program designed to connect children with the natural world and their place in it.

The SEED program is a series of six (1) hour sessions.The program teaches children about a healthy and sustainable life, and covers such topics as:

  • The Four Pillars of Health – nutrition, exercise, water and sleep.
  • Education about the nutritional value of food and how to grow your own food.
  • The power of our daily choices and how they affect us and the planet around us.
  • The value of movement, mindfulness and exercise.
  • Preparing delicious plant-based foods for health and sustainability.
  • The role of rest and relaxation as part of our overall health.
  • Reading food labels and understanding ingredients.
  • Sharing ideas for environmental stewardship.


The SEED Project addresses nutrition and the role that food plays in our overall health and well-being, the environment and sustainability, self-reliance, accountability, identity, power of choice, accountability, the benefits of exercise for our bodies and minds, stress management techniques, interpersonal skills, and awareness of intentions for managing everyday life and stress. The Program ties all information and tools back into humanity’s relationship with our planet and ecological awareness. The ideas brought forward show how we are all connected more than we realize and how our health and the health of the planet are one and the same rather than separate. For example, in the Ecological Awareness and Sustainable Agriculture lessons, children learn about the similarities between what it takes to grow healthy plants and healthy humans alongside an exploration of different aspects of urban and backyard growing methods. Throughout the curriculum, the Program looks at the power of personal choices that both improve nutrition and save precious resources, such as water and electricity.

Empowering the next generation of children.
Experience has shown us that children and people of all ages are hungry for this information, and intrinsically understand the vital connection between healthy bodies, healthy minds, and a healthy planet. Our SEED project aims to impart knowledge related to this mind body connection and to increase knowledge about our environment so humankind can thrive as a whole on a more sustainable planet. Children are the future generation so it’s important to empower them with these vital life skills so they can make more conscious choices to create a more just, sustainable, loving and healthy planet for all.

If you are interested in presenting the SEED Project program, please register below for free access to our materials, including teacher’s notes, handouts, and feedback forms. We will be adding tutorial videos as they become available.

SEED at Snyder Park

8-17 years old? SEED in the park on the 3rd Saturday of the month is for you! Heal the Planet’s Sustainable Energy Education program taught to over 9,000 students in Broward County Schools has now arrived for the first time in our park system! Kids will enjoy gardening, food demos, yoga, and mindfulness in nature.

Meet under the front office pavilion in Snyder Park at 10am for all events.

Call: 754-801-7331 for info.

Snyder Park is located at:
3299 SW 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315


The SEED Project program is a series of six (1) hour sessions that builds on the concept of sustainability through awareness, personal choice and healthy habits. The lessons help students see themselves and the world around them through an inclusive lens. It is our hope that students begin to recognize the challenges facing our planet today as opportunities to create a more loving, kind planet and move through life acting on this premise.



Since its inception in 2014, the SEED Project, a six-week curriculum that takes a holistic approach in addressing ecological awareness and sustainability, has touched the lives of over 9,000 elementary and middle school students in Broward County Public Schools. Topics such as self-identity, food systems, biodiversity, oneness, power of choice and systems thinking (awareness of the whole and how the parts within interrelate) are explored with each student who participates in the program. Further, for the last three years, the SEED Project, offered a life skills program on fee-for-service basis to many other organizations such as the Russell Education Foundation and HANDY, Inc, Orange Brooke Elementary Summer Camp, Jack and Jill Children’s Center Summer Camp, Memorial Healthcare System, City of Deerfield Beach and many others 


Through these lessons we motivate not only students to make choices from a more global perspective, but teachers as well. It is our intent to create school partnerships that not only allow us to work with individual classrooms but also create school projects that reflect the themes we address in the classroom. In this way, students create a display for others to observe and experience. Through partnerships, not only with schools, but other non-profits and community agencies, we believe we will incorporate a strong, collaborative effort that will enhance a sustainable future for our community.



Evidence shows how essential social and emotional learning (SEL) is for helping young people cope with their daily stress-filled lives. Mindfulness and yoga are fantastic tools for children to channel that stress. We are excited to bring these valuable tools to young people through our emerging partnership with the non-profit organization Wuf Shanti and Julie Halpern of Yoga Twist.

Wuf Shanti’s mission is to teach the next generation of young people how to have a mindful-mindset, cope with their emotions in a healthy way, think positively, appreciate what is good, and spread kindness and peace. The goal is to encourage kids to live in health and wellness, peace and positivity, and to teach them the tools to deal with stress in order to reduce violence and make this world a better place for the next generation.

Julie Halpern, Founder of Twist Yoga, has been teaching yoga to children since 2007 with many trainings and certifications in that area, including YogaKids Foundations, Radiant Child 1&2, Asana Alphabet, and Yoga Gangsters. She has her 200 hour teaching certification from I Love Yoga and teaches gentle and beginner adult classes. Through our partnership with Wuf Shanti and Julie we are able to expand the holistic approach of SEED to teaching self-care and wellness.


“There’s no doubt in my mind that our HANDY youth are better off because of Heal the Planet programming. As you expand capacity through the good work of Rachel and others, I will continue to be your champion.”

-Evan J. Goldman, Esq., Chief Executive Officer, HANDY INC.

“Just needed to share a big success here at Parkway.  The SEED Program from Heal The Planet has provided such valuable lessons to Parkway’s Holistic Horticulture students.   I cannot recommend them enough.  They have visited for 6 days covering SEL  and healthy lifestyle (decision making, sleep, eating) that involves cooking and sampling healthy recipes.    
We have had two days so far of activities including taking pride in yourself, problem solving, integrated science lessons, and of course making healthy smoothies and zucchini spiral “Spaghetti,”  The students  are highly engaged and are eating fresh food they have never eaten before.”
-Carolyn Sant Angelo, Holistic Horticulture, Parkway STEM Middle School
“I applaud the “SEED Project” from Heal the Planet! Rachel Shapiro brought this program to our school, Sawgrass Elementary, last May, 2016 for six lessons about nutrition and healthy living. It made such a positive impact on both students and parents as many were unaware of the four pillars of health. After their visit, families were suddenly sharing new recipes for zucchini pasta and working on new fitness plans. Snacks in my classroom also suddenly changed from Doritos and Hershey Bars to apples, nuts and date seed energy balls! What an amazing program for everyone! I’m excited that they will be able to come back again and work with our students this month.”

-Susan Rothbard, 4th Grade Teacher, Sawgrass Elementary

“The students at Nova Eisenhower Elementary in Davie are lucky with the experience brought by, Heal the Planet, SEED Project. They wait attentively and look forward to the weekly lesson that most are not normally exposed to. This project brings students and teachers together to learn about nutrition, fitness and the importance of each. Students are taught how they can make/have an impact on our world and understand the sustainable resources available to all of us. The hands-on food preparation, lessons and fitness activities are engaging. The room is filled with energy, curiosity and the faces of bright minds ready to absorb the weekly message.”

-T. Luck, M.S., 2nd Grade Teacher, Nova Eisenhower Elementary


With just a $1,500 donation to Heal the Planet you could sponsor an entire 6 week SEED Project for 25 students. Our student surveys reveal an 80% effective rate in getting the children to introduce new fruits and vegetables into their diet! Your small donation will create a huge impact in the health and well-being of our youth. Just click the Donate button below and specify ‘SEED Project’ in the note of the donation.

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