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Director of Programs & SEED Educator


Passionate about the magic of our bodies and fascinated with how the foods we eat affect us, Sadiqa’s mission is to inspire others to upgrade their lifestyle so they can have a meaningful and fulfilling life. She has taught healthy cooking since 2006 and in every class, strives to enlighten and bring awareness to others by focusing on the power of choice. Because she brings years of wisdom to this work and knows just how challenging it can be to make healthy lifestyle changes, her unique style of teaching connects and motivates people of all walks of life to be healthy for generations to come.

Sadiqa relates with others through her sincerity and natural conversation around health and wellness. Adults and kids alike listen with interest and begin to engage. That, she discovered, is key: Getting people to see that they have the power to make lifestyle changes that will ultimately give them a quality of life they deserve. She instills in people the importance of honoring and valuing our lives without shaming people into being healthy.

As a wife and mother of four boys ranging from elementary to high school, she knows how to communicate, manage, and navigate children of all ages. As the Director of Programs for Heal the Planet, she’s is excited about our developing programs, especially the SEED Project. This dynamic, enriching program is the perfect platform to connect with, inspire, and learn from beautiful children and their dedicated teachers. It allows her to invest her time and life to bringing positive changes to children of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures.

Through her delivery of the SEED curriculum in local schools, students absorb, process, comprehend, and retain important information about environmental sustainability, nutrition education, and the power of choice. Acknowledging and giving the children a voice always encourages participation and Sadiqa is an expert in this art. Everyone, no matter their age, yearns to feel valued and acknowledged. Sadiqa’s secret weapon is giving the children a sense of wonder and amazement about how amazing they are because she truly believes we as humans are beings of wonder. She loves working with them and they feel her love when she’s in their presence. She sees the excitement and wonder in their eyes and they show their love by giving her hugs, drawing personal works of art for her, and becoming visibly sad when it’s time for her to leave.

As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, she teaches and inspires about healthy lifestyle changes within the framework of the whole self. Although her SEED classes are focused on food and the environment, holistic health is often discussed to emphasize the importance of the whole self. This is a concept many of the young people we touch have never been introduced to before. Furthermore, as a garden enthusiast, she discusses the amazing connection between people and nature. Through shared stories, students and teachers begin to internalize the oneness that exists between all life forms on earth. This approach plants seeds of love and hope for our future.

The element of wonder and fascination has kept Sadiqa dedicated to the health of people and our environment for the last 20 years. Together, with an organization like Heal the Planet, everyone, including all living beings on earth, wins.

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