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Our mission is to educate and empower the next generation of children and adults about the power of our daily choices and the huge impact these choices have on the health and wellbeing of both ourselves, and our planet. We create innovative education, partnerships, and community programming aimed at inspiring a generation of leaders empowered to Heal the Planet.

We believe inside of everyone is a seed waiting to be nourished that will grow into that person’s highest potential and greatest gift to our planet. We also believe in using our resources to raise the level of consciousness for all humanity. As the well-known author, mountaineer, and environmentalist Robert Swan said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” We believe in educating and empowering individuals and organizations to take ownership of our planet their contribution to it.

Our vision is a more conscious and loving planet, where we collectively make choices that are in alignment with the health and wellbeing of the planet, and all its inhabitants.

We provide free education to children including, but not limited to mindfulness, consciousness, nutrition, and living in alignment with a sustainable planet. We actively educate and engage communities, through our various programing and lifestyle events.


We believe that our daily choices directly impact the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our planet.
We believe that every penny we spend directly co-creates the kind of planet we have.
We believe it’s important to safeguard our planet, for our children and future generations.
We believe the health of the planet is each individual’s personal responsibility.
We believe inside of everyone is a seed, waiting to be nourished, that can grow into that person’s greatest gift to humanity.
We believe that love is just as (or more) important than a cell phone.
We believe in being informed and making self-honoring choices, for the greater good.
We believe in using our resources to raise the level of consciousness for all humanity.
We believe that we are all connected more than we realize.
We believe in the power of one and that all change starts with me.
We believe in taking action.

We believe in small acts that create huge impact. Take the plastic straw for example. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many plastic straws get used and thrown away each day in the US? Over 500 million! Every year that’s more than 46,400 school buses worth of plastic that is used once, or not at all, and then thrown away. We believe that it’s the small, simple daily choices, like whether to accept a straw or not, that will eventually have the greatest impact.

Each and every penny you spend has a great influence on what manufacturers will choose to make. Vote with your wallet and with your heart. We invite you to become part of the paradigm shift to positively affect the way business is conducted on our planet. Visit our sister site: for access to over 500 sustainable companies.

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