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Executive Director


Noelia Suarez developed an early interest in altruist activities. Before joining Heal The Planet, she was involved in the real estate business as an agent and investor. Despite the different opportunities in the industry, she always found herself called to humanitarian efforts.

Since her twenties, she felt the urge to create a positive change for the planet and became the mentor of a very young girl for several years. Understanding the drawbacks that many kids go through, she chose to continue her work by supporting the Koinonia School in Nicaragua, aiding them in achieving their basic needs. Noelia is committed to influencing the planet by supporting different charity organizations such as His House, Point Hope, and Make a Wish, all dedicated to empowering and improving kid’s lives. She volunteered for Humane Society and, along with her therapy dog Snoopy, was part of the program to support kids in the Children’s Court Division of Miami.

Her love for people, nature, and animals motivated her to volunteer for numerous non-profits, including Inspire Transformation, where she traveled to South Africa to support a local Nkomazi community. She also participated in the efforts of The Gratitude Project, raising over $300,000 to build two care centers and, with the support of a local partner, helped over 900 patients in the area.

While studying Visual Art at Miami International University of Art and Design, she volunteered for Techo, an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty in developing countries. By the end of 2012, she coordinated the visual art student class and its faculties to participate with Techo for the Art Basel 2012.

Noelia tirelessly continues her search for developing alternatives to make this planet a better place for everyone. From sustainability to health, she inspires people to improve their lives and the lives of others. She felt urged to join Heal The Planet because it emulates her environmental lifestyle and understands we can all be part of the solution. Leaving this planet better than she found it is her motto.

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