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nada vergili
Park Guide & Landscape Specialist


Nada was born and raised in Florence, Italy, and loves practicing the art of “living to the fullest” and enjoying simple pleasures, a way of life that is often part of the Italian culture.

After almost twenty years as an entrepreneur running a successful travel business and guiding tours of Italy, Nada found herself run down and burnt out. She felt the need to return to a more natural, slower-paced, simpler way of living, so she followed her passion for plants and nature, which lead her to Heal the Planet.

Nada is a holistic gardener and draws inspiration from therapy gardens, sustainable landscaping, permaculture, and Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming methods. She inspires people to bring Nature into their daily lives, practicing mindfulness walks, and feeling more balanced through a deeper understanding of the world around us. Nada believes that through our five senses, we can connect with plants on a higher level, getting rid of stress and finding a renewed sense of peace and serenity.

Nada is the recipient of the University of Florida’s 2021 Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Award, a state-wide program focused on sustainable and conservation-minded landscaping practices to protect Florida’s environment, wildlife, and natural resources.

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