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Program Coordinator


Morgan Ingegno felt as if the stars aligned when she was connected to Heal The Planet. Happily joining an organization in which her values and beliefs are seamlessly incorporated. She aims to do all things with intention, through love and compassion… which we so often forget.  

In her everyday life, she makes conscious buying choices, lives a healthy lifestyle (food, body, and mind), takes a holistic approach, and strives to continually learn and grow. She has a not-so-secret love for plants, animals, creating, and of course organizing. 

Graduating from Lynn University with her Master’s in Science, she has worked as a mental health therapist for more than a decade. Specializing in trauma and eating disorders, as well as being a certified mindfulness instructor. 

With Heal The Planet, Morgan hopes to continue her journey of growth and implementation of positive changes in herself, the community, and our planet.

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