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Whole Systems Educator


Megan Kelley is a whole systems educator, permaculture designer, and yoga teacher empowering the community with valuable skills to be powerful agents of individual growth, social change, and environmental restoration.

She is the creator of the Garden of Growth, an education-based community centered in ecological awareness and environmental solidarity. The Garden of Growth is grounded in skill-building

workshops inspiring individuals to care for and connect with their unique environment, especially in the urban landscape. Megan believes the magnificent systems of life on Earth provide infinite opportunity to reveal one’s hidden potential and connect more intimately with the experience of being alive. The Garden of Growth is a place to explore these concepts through thoughtful observation, heartfelt relation, and empowered action.

While earning a Bachelor of Arts at Loyola University of New Orleans in Philosophy, Megan completed two 200+ hour yoga teacher trainings with the Yoga College of India and Body Mind Yoga, as well as extended training in various yoga specializations including children’s yoga and yoga practiced on water. Her yoga lineage stems from Calcutta, India, based in the teachings of Bishnu Ghosh and the great mystic, Paramahansa Yogananda. Megan believes deeply in the restorative, healing power of yoga and finds great joy in sharing the practice with students of all ages.

During her years of study, Megan developed a strong interest in the etymological root of yoga and a common thread woven through ancient and modern philosophical texts – the enduring human desire for union. Soon after graduating from university, Megan completed a Permaculture Design Certification with Grow Permaculture to pursue a deepened understanding of the union that connects the great assembly of life on Earth. Permaculture is a whole systems design philosophy centered in thoughtful observation, focused on working with nature, rather than against it. Megan has worked, learned, and taught on permaculture sites from the tropical jungles of the Big Island of Hawaii to the swamps and bayous of Mississippi. She incorporates whole systems thinking into all aspects of her life and design process, and is presently happily creating regenerative gardens in her tropical hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is learning from and teaching her community how to grow food sustainably in the tropics, while creating a tropical food forest of her own on an urban homestead along the New River.

Megan is grateful to work for Heal The Planet as a Whole Systems Educator building Food Forests, creating Permaculture Design and teaching SEED curriculum in our community’s parks and schools. She believes that when the individual is able to fully realize their relationship to all beings and integrate this awareness through thoughtful action centered in heartfelt solidarity with the whole system, humans will heal their relationship with the planet.


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