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With a passion for health, people, and the planet, Mariah works to inspire others to regain a holistic-ancestral approach to well-being. Educating individuals on the power of food, Mariah actively seeks to cultivate awareness of the healing energy of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. She is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Living Foods Chef, and Plant-Based Nutritional Counselor.

Committed to protecting our planet, Mariah works to share her research and knowledge on current environmental issues, while offering solutions to positively impact the slow of climate degradation. She is a believer in the power of the collective good and knows positive impacts can be made when people join together to co-create a better planet.

Mariah is the owner of Blended Sol, a health service company, that offers nutritional counseling, juice detoxing, meal delivery as well as private chef services. Mariah teaches wellness seminars and lectures throughout the West Coast and Hawaii. She has been teaching plant-based nutrition for over 8 years and is currently lecturing throughout the California State University system.

Empowering others to take control of their health fuels her passion. She implements a holistic approach by incorporating plants, herbs, self-love, meditation, and movement practices to realign the body and live a more abundant life. In her free time, Mariah can be found traveling, hiking, on her yoga mat, or whipping up some decadent living foods. Mariah’s motto for life is simple: Full joy.


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