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Founder and Chair


Kenneth Fisher, founder, and chair of Heal The Planet is a born entrepreneur. At 17​, he​ ​purchased his first business, a Carvel-type ice cream store. Ken always had a love for​ ​real estate since he was a young boy and at 19, purchased his first four residential properties. His interest in business continued to soar, expanding across multiple industries including retail and telecommunications. His two telecommunications companies were twice featured in INC Magazine’s list of Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

As a result of his successes, Ken made a conscious choice to give back. He became what he refers to as a philanthropreneur, supporting the fundraising efforts of many charities over the past 30 years that include City of Hope, Joint Distribution Committee,​ ​Kids in Distress, JAFCO, HANDY, and Jack & Jill Children’s Center to name a few. Ken​ ​also sits on the boards of several non-profits including the national board of GALS​ ​INC (, which is committed to preparing a generation of young women to​ ​become well-educated and motivated leaders who contribute instrumentally to society​ ​locally and globally. Yet Ken felt there was more he could do.

As a successful businessman, Ken understands the power of commerce. How we spend our money and what we choose to consume have a direct effect on our planet. Making conscious choices on what we do or buy today has a direct impact on the planet’s sustainability, the health and well-being of all its inhabitants, and what we will leave for future generations. Ken is an unstoppable force who lives this vision every day. He is a two-time Ironman, having competed in New Zealand and Brazil. He is committed​ ​to pursuing personal growth and living an eco-conscious lifestyle. Still, he knew he​ ​could do more.

That’s when the magic happened. Ken enrolled in a two-year Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology, founded and taught by Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick and Dr. Mary R.​ ​Hulnick, world-renowned pioneers and innovators in this field, at the University of Santa​ ​Monica. After 25 years in the making, Ken finally realized his dream and launched Heal​ ​The Planet, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving life on the​ ​planet through educating, inspiring, and empowering the next generation of children.

Like Aristotle and many other philosophers, Ken believes in the concept of entelechy. It is the idea that everything in the universe has an innate ‘possibility’ held within, like a seed, and that potential needs only a supportive environment to be fully expressed. Ken’s entelechy is to leverage his natural enthusiasm, business acumen, and​ ​love of people to enhance and uplift the quality of life for others. The joy that comes​ ​from supporting others has become the fuel that gets Ken out of bed every morning​ ​with a smile and a desire to ​Heal ​The ​Planet.

“There is no greater feeling than to utilize my life experience and innate gifts to inspire others and co-create a more loving, compassionate, and sustainable planet.”    

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