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HTP Awarded Holman Enterprises Grant

The award brings the non-profit’s SEED Program to five middle schools and 1,400 students across Broward County.

April 10, 2018—Fort Lauderdale, FL—“I am awesome. You are wonderful.” Reciting positive affirmations in the classroom may not be the typical start to the school day, but for elementary students in Heal the Planet’s SEED Program, mindfulness exercises like these offer an inclusive lens through which to see themselves and the world around them. Now, thanks to a Community Grant awarded by Holman Enterprises, Heal the Planet will be expanding the reach of the SEED curriculum to middle schools.

“The Holman family and their employees are our ideal partners in raising health and environmental literacy, and we can’t thank them enough for their trust in us,” said Ken Fisher, the philanthropist who founded Heal the Planet. “Holman’s corporate values include a commitment to sustainable business practices – we are thrilled to complement their mission at the community level.”

Taking a holistic, experiential approach to learning, Heal the Planet’s (HTP) SEED Program aims to teach students and teachers a broader perspective of the world so they can recognize life’s challenges as opportunities to create a more loving and kinder planet.

The five week SEED curriculum covers a variety of life skills not traditionally taught in the classroom including self-identity, the power of healthy choices, acceptance, and global citizenry. Interlaced with environmental empowerment that engages students’ connection to nature, an important component in helping children manage stress3 , SEED supports the development of healthy, happy stewards of this planet.

As 2nd grade teacher from Nova Eisenhower Elementary, Ms. Luck experienced:

“Students are taught how they can make/have an impact on our world and understand the sustainable resources available to all of us. The hands-on food preparation, lessons and fitness activities are engaging. The room is filled with energy, curiosity and the faces of bright minds ready to absorb the weekly message.”

The grant awarded by Holman Enterprises and other resources will enable HTP to teach SEED to 1,400 students across 40 classrooms and five schools during the 2017-2018 school year. This is in addition to the 5,000 students that have already learned about mindfulness and sustainable living through the SEED program since 2013.

Steve Holman, Holman Enterprises’ director of community affairs, celebrates Heal the Planet’s civic leadership. “Our grant to Heal the Planet will strengthen the linkages between what students learn in school and what they experience in their South Florida communities,” Holman said. “We cannot overemphasize the importance of creating a supportive environment for ecological awareness and stewardship of our limited natural resources.”

Schools interested in integrating HTP’s SEED Program into their curriculum can email Heal the Planet Program Director Stacey Lazos at


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