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The Food Rescue Program is Coming Soon!

The goal of the Food Rescue Program is to reduce food waste in schools, reduce the schools’ carbon footprints, and support food relief in the community by supplying local food pantries and feeding the food insecure.

Studies have shown that over 1 billion food items are wasted each year in United States schools. Food in landfills decompose and create methane gas, which are 21 times more potent than CO2. Approximately 40 pounds of greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere each day, just from food waste at one school alone.

Not only does this program teach children about protecting our environment, but it also teaches them compassion, empathy, and gratitude. By learning to rescue the unconsumed food, they are helping to distribute that food to the community and the people who need it most. They are sharing their love and light, and making a positive difference.

Children are educated as to how they can help keep the good, healthy food out of landfills and support their community at the same time by distributing the food to those in need. derive self-worth from this program, self-love, and love of others and the Earth. The kids are doing good for themselves, good for their neighbors, and good for the Planet.

We are so excited for this program to get off the ground, and we will keep you posted as to progress!

Created by the the kids at Heal The Planet Day 2017.
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