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Food Forest

Food Forest

Heal The Planet is desirous of building Food Forests all over Broward County. Heal The Planet’s Whole System Educator Megan Kelley will be heading up this endeavor. Megan recently won approval for the first Food Forest of this kind to be built at Snyder Park in the City of Fort Lauderdale. This is a beautiful 92 acre park which was also home to Heal The Planet’s 4th Annual Heal The Planet Day. Heal The Planet also maintains a satellite office at Snyder Park and offers a variety of free educational programming. We applaud the City of Fort Lauderdale, City officials and Parks and Recreation for their forward thinking to provide a meaningful education experience in nature for our next generation of children and citizens.

Another local charity offered Heal The Planet a 1.3 acre of land and we’re in the process of finalizing
plans for this land.

If you or anyone you know has excess property and may have interest in building a Food Forest please reach out to us

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