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Meet Chef Olga

Holistic Chef Olga Gavrilenko has been a food industry, health and wellness, and hospitality pioneer for  over 13 years, underscored by strong team leadership skills, kitchen management, front-of-the-house & back-of-the-house restaurant operations, catering, event planning, and concept development in the field.

Besides being a passionate teacher, Olga is also highly skilled in menu and recipe development, food combining, detoxification, and nutritionally optimized meal planning. Olga’s pioneering approach combines delicious, innovative plant-based culinary techniques with organic and locally sourced nutrient-dense foods.

Ms. Gavrilenko delights in educating clients and community on self-sufficient and holistically balanced lifestyles, as well as promotes a phytonutrient rich agenda in her interactive culinary classes for adults, children, groups, and academic clientele. In addition to her proficient culinary skills, Olga also has 14 years of experience in holistic arts and meditation. Olga’s passion to educate drives her to constantly take her knowledge and skill set to the next level. She continues to surprise students and clients alike with cutting-edge techniques and creates the most delicious plant-based nutrient-dense cuisine.

Currently, Miss Gavrilenko is a Head Chef at Raw Republic LLC a chain of store fronts specializing in cold pressed juices and plant-based good-to-go food items. In conjunction with a known wellness center, Olga also offers customized meal plans based on clients’ unique nutritional needs, as determined through micronutrient deficiency testing.

Over the years, Ms. Gavrilenko has worked as a private chef for exclusive homes, dinner and event catering (recently catered fundraiser dinner for Democratic party with two U.S. Senators as attendees), a consultant, a restaurant manager, a detox program coordinator and a living-cuisine teacher.


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