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Recreation Coordinator


Elaine is very connected with her home country Brazil and its culture. She grew up doing a variety of community services around Sao Paulo.

She studied Architecture and City Planning, and while in grad school, volunteered for programs such as the Peace Corp. This experience allowed her to visit remote areas in Northern Brazil, assisting with house construction and clean water initiatives. Her goal was to empower the community and provide valuable life skills.

After migrating to the US, Elaine went to college for fashion design. Once graduated, she worked on many different projects including product development and teaching sewing classes for a local non-profit called Made in Broward which houses a 4H Monarch Club. 

Elaine acquired a strong interest in personal development during her years of work. She taught adults and kids about mindfulness and emotional intelligence throughout elementary schools in Fort Lauderdale. 

Working with Heal The Planet, Elaine has the opportunity to integrate all her expertise, from connecting kids to nature to showing them how the power of choice can benefit their own health and wellbeing as well as support our planet. 


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