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Executive Board Secretary


Charles Brutten is a lawyer who is passionate about his work, family and other pursuits.  Charles enjoys traveling abroad and always has a list of future destinations that he would like to explore.  He also enjoys domestic travel, hiking, kayaking, going to concerts and shows, and spending time with his family and friends. One of the global causes that is most important to him is providing wells for fresh water so that more people have access to an ample supply of clean water. He believes that nobody should be relegated to spending the majority of each day of their lives trying to obtain a sufficient quantity of water in order to live to see the next day.

He believes that there is so much potential on the planet if the technologies and information known to and possessed by the first world are shared.  He looks forward to maintaining the direction in which Heal the Planet has been led by its founder and providing his support in advancing its scope and reach.

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