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Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Don't Mess With Mother Nature

I just returned from an amazing trip to Ushuaia and Antarctica. We were privileged to take a tour through the pristine Tierra Del Fuego National Park in Ushuaia. We began seeing countless forests with dead standing trees. It was a bit unsightly and sad to see. I’d never seen anything like this before. The guide explained that this is caused by the beavers damming up the rivers and streams, resulting in still water collecting in large areas, over hydrating forests and killing all the trees.

I said, “we don’t have an issue like this in the U.S.” The guide explained that beavers are not native to Argentina, therefore they have no predators causing rapid population growth that is currently out of control and destroying all the forests. Here’s where this really got interesting. I then asked, “how did the beavers get down here if they’re not native?” Apparently, the Argentinian government was trying to create commerce in Ushuaia. In their infinite wisdom, they came up with this brilliant plan to bring 25 pairs of beavers down to Ushuaia from Canada to create a fur trade. Instead, their clever plan literally created a natural disaster. The weather in Ushuaia isn’t nearly as cold as in Canada so the fur on these beavers never fully developed for trade, and now there’s an estimated 100,000 beavers roaming around Ushuaia destroying some of the most beautiful forests in Patagonia.

There is always a price to pay when humanity disturbs the delicate balance of Mother Nature. The CoronaVirus is a perfect example of the feedback we receive when we disrespect nature and other species. Humankind is treating our planet, oceans, forest and animals in an unsustainable manner. It is essential that we collectively modify our habits to align with nature, showing respect for our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants. If not, it is clear that these types of CoronaVirus occurrences will likely continue to intensify and get increasingly more severe until our planet becomes uninhabitable for human life.

What will you choose to do?

Choose to be an Ambassador for Change! Visit our 100 Ways To Heal The Planet #45 Loss of Biodiversity to learn how you can make a positive impact.

It’s up to each of us to utilize our #100 Power of Choice. See all 100 Ways to Heal The Planet and start to co-create the kind of planet you would like to see.

If this resonates with you please TAKE ACTION NOW and share this with as many others as you can.


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