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Heal The Planet is honored to share the story of Alexandra, an amazing young planet leader,  called to action from a simple walk on the beach.  While walking on the beach, she could not help but notice the amount of bottle caps washing up on shore.  Sparking something inside of her, Alexandra began researching the plastic epidemic, and felt inspired to start LidsOff.Org. and @LidsOffOrg are platforms that raise awareness on the practice of proper recycling, as well as educates people on the need for common recycling standards.

Alexandra imagines a world where, regardless of where you are, everyone would have the knowledge and tools needed to properly recycle.  Thus, reducing the impact plastic is having on our planet, much like Heal The Planet’s mission to inspire and empower individual and community actions for a sustainable and loving planet.  In our desire to educate and inspire, we have launched our 100+ Ways To Heal The Planet, which is a comprehensive list of current planetary opportunities that, with small acts from you, can create huge positive impacts on the planet.

After watching the video below, read article #25 of our 100+ Ways To Heal The Planet to learn more about recycling properly.  While there, check out some of our other ways to heal the planet as well as our upcoming events.  We encourage you to like, share and share comment below.

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