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The Impact of Food Waste and How You Can Help

In order to address the threats posed by global warming and climate change, everyone has to do their bit in advancing a more sustainable agenda. While there are relatively obvious ways of doing so such as walking or taking public transport wherever possible, there are other small things you can do around the house that will benefit the environment in the long-run.

For example, the ways in which we dispose of our food can be of particular significance. When we consider that every year approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted, that is a vast quantity that either ends up at a landfill site or in an incinerator. Either option is a sizable source of pollution, so investing in some form of alternative is vital for anyone trying to be eco-conscious.

Thankfully, alternatives do exist and many around the world have decided to opt for some variety of garbage disposal units. These gadgets are typically located in a discreet part of the kitchen or right in the sink and can grind down food waste such as bones that cannot be typically recycled. Once reduced to such a size, these particles are simply drained away, bringing down the amount of food waste that then has to be thrown out. At times, garbage disposals can get blocked and break down, that is why homeowners need to make sure that their garbage disposals are covered under their home warranties. A mi homes warranty plan, and other similar ones, can provide this to those who do not have one yet. This means that should a garbage disposal breakdown it will be covered for repairs, and homeowners can get in touch with Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating for plumbing services or a service in their local area.

Understandably, not everyone can afford such a purchase. Fortunately, there are a number of low-cost options at hand that can perform a similar function. Composting for instance, not only reduces food waste but generates a nutrient-rich supplement that’s perfect for growing your own food, in turn cutting down on the amounts you need to spend on bringing food produce in.

However, it should be pointed out that unlike with a garbage disposal unit, composting does not work with meat and fish leftovers, or with bones. Deciding to opt for such a product is the best choice for anyone who really prioritizes spending on the most eco-friendly solutions, and over time will enable a substantial reduction in the volume of pollutant gases produced via the disposal of your food waste.

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