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HTP Welcomes Student Advisor to the Board – Jenn Richburg

How did you become involved with Heal the Planet?

Weird story! My math teacher from sixth grade became one of my closest friends! She is friends with the founder of Heal the Planet, and last year she asked me if I would like to volunteer for Heal the Planet Day. I immediately accepted, feeling intrigued by the important cause of the organization. I loved Heal the Planet Day so much, I volunteered to come this year as well! After meeting everyone, I felt right at home with the organization and became more involved.

Why did you want to join the Board?

When I met the woman who introduced me to the organization, she told me she was a vegan. I had absolutely no idea what that was, so one day I researched it. That day, my little, 11 year old mind expanded. I had suddenly become aware of the cause and the danger Earth was in and everything about Heal the Planet’s cause.

I wanted to make a difference, but there isn’t a lot for an 11 year old to do, and there still isn’t a lot for a 15 year old to do. If I were to ask anyone if I could help the Earth in any way, they’d say, “I need a grown up to do this job!” Heal the Planet is the first organization to give me the opportunity to DO something by allowing me to volunteer at the festival, and when they gave me the chance to join a BOARD, I jumped on the opportunity. Finally, no one can tell me, “I need a grown up to do this job,” finally, I can actually do something!

What skills do you think you bring to the Board?

I love to believe that I am a good listener. I love listening to other people’s ideas, and then combining and playing with them to create one big, amazing idea to solve whatever issue we are addressing. I am typically labelled a leader, and I love taking action to help others. I enjoy encouraging my teammates and sharing compliments, because I feel as if compliments are not shared enough. I also love putting brilliant ideas into action as much as I love thinking of them! For instance, I constantly think of an idea I created years ago, where cars ran on carbon dioxide instead of gasoline. It’s the most amazing idea I’ve ever devised, and it encouraged me to think outside the box and try new ways to solve problems. I cannot wait to bring my skills to the Board.

And in what areas would you like to be developed?

As dedicated I am to the cause, I do not know enough about it. For instance, I don’t actually know HOW veganism helps the Earth, and I don’t know the FULL damage of landfills. I hope to learn more about how we damage the Earth while simultaneously learning how everyone can pitch in to help. I would also love to try out new things! I do not know what to expect from this Board, and I think this is a nice experience to get out of my comfort zone and meet some new, interesting people.

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