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Contributing To Your Community

Contributing To Your Community

We all know the secret to living is giving! Everyone loves the endorphin rush that comes with giving a loved one a special gift. The one where we gleam from within because we know we are about to brighten that person’s day. We like to call it the Giving Glow. But did you know that glow can manifest in many forms of giving? One of our favorite ways to get that glow is by giving back to our community. Contributing to our community allows us to strengthen bonds between community members and organizations, better our community, as well as meet a specific need. 

The key to giving back is aligning something you’re passionate about with a community need. Being excited about the work you are taking part in will bring greater reward to the project as well as increase your satisfaction in the giving of your time. Studies show that giving back to your community through volunteering or financial contributions can boost your physical and mental health. A few health benefits associated with giving back can include: lower blood pressure, lower levels of depression and stress, increased self-esteem, greater happiness and satisfaction and a longer life. 

There are many ways to contribute as well as opportunities to give back, so find an area that speaks to you. If you are passionate about gardening, we offer numerous opportunities to be of service in our gardens at Snyder Park. We even offer service hours for your time in the garden. But, if you don’t live near us in the South Florida area, consider donating your time to a non-profit or community garden in your area. 

If you are short on time, consider a financial donation to a non-profit organization that aligns with your values and objectives. When you give back to these organizations, such as Heal The Planet, the money goes a long way in helping to support the community with free educational programs and workshops.

Thinking you need to be rich to give back is a myth. There are thousands of people that are always contributing, and they are far from being wealthy.

Giving doesn’t have to be rocket science. You just have to start! Once you begin you will see and feel the ripple of abundance and meaning that flows from it. In the spirit of giving and gratitude we want to thank FPL, Legacy Bank, Boxed Water, Siperstein Dermatology Group and Dion Taylor for their generosity and donations in supporting our mission. 

Visit our 100 Ways To Heal The Planet #30 Volunteering to learn more about how you can make a positive impact. 

If this resonates with you please TAKE ACTION NOW and share this with as many others as you can.

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