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Wellness Director


A Major in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration, and Several Certifications in Athletics have allowed Ayenza to establish global business relationships and represent her native country of Panama in sports. Ayenza studied at the University of Champions and the High Altitude Centre in Iten- Kenya, the City of Champions.

Ayenza has been doing volunteer work and helping the community since the 1980s. Her first volunteering job was for the Department of Defense as a teacher’s aid. During the Panama invasion, she worked at the refugee camps. Her involvement in sports came from the American Cancer Society’s research on a cure for cancer. Since then, sports have been her life – passion, and she has become the Ambassador for Running with the Panama Runners Association. Her life story has been featured in ESPN-Run.

She created the Nasieku With Love Program, which brings help to the most vulnerable throughout Africa. She has been an Ambassador for Special Olympics Panama and is currently part of the Psychology Team for Apadadi – the Panamanian Sports Association of Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities. Ayenza represents Panama in running and throwing competitions.

Passionate about helping those reach their maximum potential, Ayenza encourages everyone to dream big and follow their dreams.

Ayenza’s motto is “Never Give Up.“

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