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Snyder Park is a natural destination designed for connection and empowerment. Experience a diversity of ways to live sustainably and embody wellness while building community with nature and neighbors. 

Located in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Snyder Park invites city dwellers to get to know the ecosystem and wild plants native to the area. Heal The Planet leads monthly free, guided nature tours through the tropical hardwood hammocks of the park, as well as workshops and classes for students of all ages in the park’s Butterfly Garden, Edible Landscape Garden, and Tropical Food Forest. Snyder Park also has playgrounds shaded by live oak trees, sand volleyball courts, disc golf, bike trails, and is most famous for its bark park and big, blue lake for dogs to swim in.

Heal The Planet invites any child with unique learning needs or who is on the spectrum to join us for a hands-on gardening experience on the first Saturday of every month at Snyder Park.

Visit our Calendar of Events at the top of the page for upcoming events and workshops.


Young SEEDs in The Park is a FREE three-hour course for children ages 4-17. 

This course teaches children about nutrition, wellness, the power of choice, and how it can positively impact their own health, and the wellbeing of our planet.

Workshops include gardening, food demonstrations and education, yoga and movement, breathwork, mindfulness practices, art, and more. During food demonstrations our educators introduce new vegetables to our young SEEDs, expanding their pallets and encouraging healthy eating. Food can be fun! For the gardening portion, our Young SEEDs like to get a little dirty, enjoying a hands-on experience such as planting, mulching, etc. Movement is always incorporated into the day before settling down for art and inspiration.

Attendance is encouraged at all our monthly meetings, as we create new activities for each workshop.


Heal The Planet believes part of a healthy lifestyle includes taking part in regular physical activity.

Sports are one way to create both physical and mental strength while bringing people together to achieve a goal. In sports, you learn how your body can adapt in ways you did not think possible while building strength, cardiovascular health, friends, and confidence. Sports are also a great way to reduce stress, increase mental power and build leadership.

Heal The Planet is supporting a variety of sports activities throughout schools and colleges in our South Florida community. We host various age-inclusive events throughout the year for our local community to take part in.


Heal The Planet Day is an amazing day to bring our beloved South Florida community together to celebrate Earth Day. We are so grateful to all who take part in supporting our event including our sponsors, vendors, and volunteers. Heal The Planet Day is a great event with an assortment of activities for all ages, food vendors, and live entertainment.

For More Information, On Heal The Planet Day Click The Link Below.


Interested In Connecting Your Children With Nature For Their Next Birthday?
Have your birthday with Heal The Planet in our abundant gardens in Snyder Park. Having a nature-themed birthday party provides a way for kids to unplug, enjoy the amazing surroundings and make great memories with their friends.


Join us on the second Saturday of each month for Fort Lauderdale Beach Sweep.

We meet at 300 S. Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale from 8 am to 11 am. No pre-registration is required. Let’s come together to keep our beaches clean.


Our mission is to feature, empower and inspire young social change leaders who use their creativity and actions for the betterment of all mankind creating a healthier and more sustainable planet. We are committed to supporting these young leaders who are encouraging and inspiring others to make a difference.

A Young Planet Leader sets an example by their actions as though the entire planet is held in balance and any deed they might do could tip the scales. They understand that each choice and action they make directly influences what our planet will look like now and in the future.

We envision a planet where each and every one of us shows up in our greatest potential and highest expression of ourselves for the health and wellbeing of our planet, and all its inhabitants.

Each month Heal The Planet will feature a Young Planet Leader who is committed to creating a huge positive impact on our planet and inspiring others to do the same. Each quarter one of these monthly featured Young Planet Leaders will be eligible to win a $1,000 grant courtesy of our founder. If you are between 8 -18 years old, or know of a candidate who wishes to be considered as a Young Planet Leader, please send us a 100 word or less description of what you and your organization is doing.


Heal the Planet is previously created Food Forest Gardens throughout our South Florida community! Our intention in sharing these systems is to reconnect neighbors with nature in the common spaces remaining in the urban environment.  We began in the city of Fort Lauderdale’s Snyder Park with our beautiful and productive demonstration site for visitors to learn how to transform waste into energy and grow food abundantly and sustainably.


What started out as a fun mural project to Spread Love throughout our local communities has organically taken root and expanded to the west coast, garnering an ever-growing social media presence and recognition from the SunSentinel.
If you or anyone you know has a highly visible wall/building and is interested in helping us Spread Love, please contact us below.Contact Us At


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