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#100 The Power of Choice

#100 The Power of Choice

Did you know that the average adult makes approximately 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day? Everyday we are bombarded with choices from what to eat for breakfast to which products we choose to buy. These daily choices grant us an immense opportunity to make a huge impact on our own wellbeing, and that of the entire planet. Take the plastic straw for example. Have you ever stopped to wonder how many plastic straws get disposed of each day in the United States? Well if you haven’t, the answer is over 500 million! These small, seemingly mundane choices, like whether or not to accept a straw are the small choices that will have the greatest impact on our planet.

We Choose How Our Future Will Look:

The power of choice is an amazing opportunity to take ownership for the kind of life you want for yourself, your community and the entire planet. As a collective, we can all make improvements in being more compassionate and loving towards ourselves and others, to be kinder to our planet, and in turn, utilize the power of our daily choices to support our planet in return. We only have one planet, there is no Planet B! We are in a critical time in our existence, with an extremely short window for change. Every single action you take is dictating the future our planet and the livelihood of future generations to come. Our 100+ Ways to Heal The Planet is a call to action for every single person to be informed of our current environmental realities that, as consumers, we have the power to change. We encourage you to revisit our 100+ Ways frequently, adding small changes to your every day life, that will make a huge impact on the health of our planet. We Love You All.

The Power of Choice:

  • Manufacturers and retailers are strictly profit driven, producing only what consumers continually choose to purchase. When we collectively commit to patronizing conscious companies with our hard-earned dollars, we can literally use this as power to shift our economy and directly Heal The Planet.
  • It is critical to safeguard our planet, for our children and the future generations to follow.
  • The health of our planet is each individual’s personal responsibility.
  • “You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny.” – Roy T Bennett
You always have a choice

How can I make an impact:

Tier 1: Global Goodness

  • Slow down. You are nature, connect with the oneness of all and use your intuition when making decisions. Do what is right for you, the planet, and future generations to come.  
  • Continuously remind yourself of the long term goal. What will the future impact be, and operate with mindfulness.  

Tier 2: Planet Protector

  • All of Action 1
  • Make informed choices. Do your research and look at every angle before making an important decision. Many decisions currently being made are detrimental to the health of our planet. Know the environmental impact of the companies you support so you can make more informed decisions.  
  • Take it one choice at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and making conscious shifts in our daily choices won’t happen in a day either.  Start at a pace you are comfortable with. Research our 100+ Ways and choose a few topics that speak directly to you – then, implement a few of the ways to make an impact, every single day.  

Tier 3: Earth Angel

  • All of Action 1 & 2
  • Vote with your dollar. Every time you purchase something, you are choosing whether you are for, or against, the wellbeing of others and our planet. Choose to consume consciously by supporting businesses that are working for the greater good and the betterment of our society and planet. Support those, who are working tirelessly, to support our future.
  • Check out our Conscious Buyer website where you can patronize companies who operate humanely, consciously, sustainably, and philanthropically. By supporting these companies we can Heal The Planet Together.
  • Choose to be an Ambassador for Change, and always Spread Love and Spread Light.
  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”— Margaret Mead

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The power of choice

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