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#112 – Acceptance

#112 Acceptance

Acceptance is a virtue that doesn’t require any form of doing; it’s a chosen way of being. Every experience we encounter in life, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, doesn’t find its root in the doing, as the vast majority may believe, but instead becomes tangible in our reality based on our chosen way of being. Acceptance is our true nature.

The Alchemy Of Acceptance

Acceptance is the first law of the spirit. Without acceptance, we can cause ourselves immense amounts of unnecessary suffering. Acceptance is not belief, it is not approval, and it is undoubtedly not resignation. Acceptance is, however, bringing peace to “what is.” It’s the simple act of not resisting. This simple act relieves the pressure and charge in any situation. Once we accept, we can utilize any situation for learning and growth.
It’s essential to accept all things but not necessarily to believe them. Fighting experiences only raise the sum of total energy negatively. This is why you must accept yourself and your responsibilities. You must learn to understand and accept the greater world. We each have the propensity to judge things as unfavorable rather than taking what is; however, any experience that appears to be harmful or we believe to be negative may be pointing us to a more positive experience. Something we judged to be negative could be pointing us in the direction we are meant to go. Choosing acceptance as your predominant way of being, eliminates fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety and puts you on a path to your desired outcome.

Truth Of Acceptance:

  • Modern-day science has shown that all things in the cosmos are composed of energy which is defined by E=MC2. 
  • Everything that exists consists of vibration.
  • Each thought, feeling, or emotion, emits and projects a specific vibratory output.
  • By being in a state of acceptance, it is impossible for the perceived negative event, condition, or circumstance to expand!
  • There are 5 types of acceptance: Acceptance of “What Is,” Acceptance of Self, Acceptance of Others, Acceptance of God, and Acceptance of the World as it is. 
  • There’s a difference between acceptance and resignation. Resignation is the defeat when people feel cornered/trapped, acceptance is being OK with what is.

How can I make an impact?

Action 1: Global Goodness

  • Cultivate acceptance by noticing your resistance. Most of the ways we resist our experiences are unconscious.
  • Question your patterns.
  • Cultivate acceptance by being more mindful.

Action 2: Planet Protector

  • All of Action 1
  • One helpful technique in cultivating acceptance is to think about yourself as a child. This can help remind us of our most innocent and vulnerable selves, which may make it easier to be gentle and understanding when our experience is difficult. 
  • Acceptance is just like any other skill, it takes practice. 

Action 3: Earth Angel

  • All of Action 1 & 2
  • Accept others as they are. Often if we dig deep and look at ourselves honestly, we’ll find that our lack of acceptance of people who are different than us has more to do with us than them. 

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