Heal The Planet is a global community committed to real and lasting healing for the planet through education, action, and inspiration.

The project takes a holistic approach in addressing ecological awareness and sustainability, including topics such as self-identity, food systems, biodiversity, and systems thinking (awareness of the whole and how the parts within interrelate). Through these lessons we attempt to intrinsically motivate not only students, but teachers as well, to make choices from a more global perspective. It is our intent to create school partnerships that not only allow us to work with individual classrooms but also create school projects which reflect the themes we address in the classroom. In this way, students get to take the concepts we have been discussing and create a display for others to observe and experience. Through partnerships, not only with schools, but other non-profits and community agencies, we believe we will incorporate a strong, collaborative effort which will enhance a sustainable future for our community.

The SEED Project is an experiential, hands-on learning program designed to connect students with the natural world and their place in it.


We offer the SEED Project to public schools in Broward County for free and for a nominal fee to private schools and summer and after school programs. The SEED Program is a series of six one hour sessions. Each program can be implemented for the whole school or for a specific grade or class. Due to the experiential nature of the program it is best suited to be taught one class at a time with a max of 25 students. Our program is specifically designed to engage and involve the students. We lead each session, provide all of the materials, and cover all program costs.

If you live outside of South Florida and are interested in presenting the SEED Program to your students please register below for free access to our materials, including teacher’s notes, handouts, and feedback forms. We will be adding tutorial videos as they become available.


(a series of six (1) hour sessions)

This program builds on the concept of sustainability through awareness, personal choice and healthy habits. The lessons help students see themselves and the world around them through an inclusive lens. It is our hope that students begin to recognize the challenges facing our world today as opportunities to create a more loving, kind planet and move through life acting on this premise.


With just a $1,000 donation to Heal the Planet you could sponsor an entire 6 week SEED Project for 25 students. Our student surveys reveal an 80% effective rate in getting the children to introduce new fruits and vegetables into their diet! Your small donation will create a huge impact in the health and well-being of our youth. Just click the Donate button below and specify ‘SEED Project’ in the note of the donation.



We have made all of the SEED Project materials available for download for FREE here on our web site. You will find the student handouts, the teacher’s notes, shopping/supply lists, and feedback forms for students, teachers, and parents. We will constantly be improving the resources available for educators. In order to receive access to the materials please sign up here (you will be re-directed to the SEED Project Materials page). Once you confirm the subscription, the password to access the materials will be emailed to you. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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