Dairy-Free Banana Mint-Ginger “Ice-Cream” Recipe

Ingredients:  (Be mindful of using organic ingredients whenever possible!)

1-2 frozen bananas
½ inch fresh ginger
10 fresh mint leaves
Dash of cinnamon


Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Make it extra nutritious by adding blueberries, cherries, unsulphured coconut flakes, raw cacao powder, walnuts, walnuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, or any other of your favorite toppings!
Keep yourself healthy and balanced with this tasty sweet dairy-free treat!! Yum! Pure good nutrition-dessert without the guilt!! <3

*Bananas are very hydrating, with lots of potassium and soothing for tummy aches.
**Ginger helps to detoxify the body and mint is good for digestion.

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