Rachel Shapiro - Executive Director

Rachel Shapiro has been a wellness professional and chef for over 15 years. While her early years were spent wandering the globe in search of adventure and delicious food the recent past has found her utilizing her experience and passion for a life well-lived to educate and support others in their journey to thriving health.

In her role as Executive Director for Heal the Planet, Rachel has been able to marry her love of systems and order with her drive to bring holistic wellness to the masses. Teaching children about the power of their daily choices and the effect they have on the planet around them is a dream come true.

Along with her work at Heal the Planet Rachel is the co-Director for GMO Free FL, a non-profit dedicated to clean, whole food for everyone and transparency in the food supply. She is also on the Florida Food Policy Council and is actively working with farmers, legislators, and anyone who will listen to make fresh, locally grown produce more accessible for everyone.