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Executive Director


Phoebe Haupt believes and cares deeply about the work of honoring and helping to preserve the traditions of the elders who came before her. Specifically, she has spent many years studying traditional healing practices in a variety of cultures around the world. She has a special ability to bring people together to facilitate and address our need in the modern world for collective healing from generations of unresolved trauma. In addition, she is passionate about helping to facilitate healing between humanity and how we relate to the Planet.

She believes that healing the Planet goes beyond recycling and cleaning up the oceans and the beaches. Healing the Planet means that we must also bring awareness, tenderness, sensitivity, and a collaborative healing process to the trauma that has occurred between us as peoples, particularly as cultural communities. It also must include holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Professionally, Phoebe is a visionary practitioner of community development with a background in community-engagement for non-profit organizations. Her passions lie in the field of community development and outreach, cross-cultural healing, and community building.

In her work, she strives to bring:

  • A reverence and respect for the wisdom, knowledge and experience of local people
  • A fierce determination to lead by example in truly partnering with local people and communities that allows them to be true partners, leaders, and agents of change in their own development
  • An asset-based approach by setting out to discover the often hidden-gems that always exist within local communities that can be built upon using a genuine spirit of mutual respect and reciprocity

Her passion for serving the Earth and all of her inhabitants has led her: 

  • To design and facilitate service-learning/volunteer-based community development programs and partnerships around the Globe
  • Develop community-based partnerships that bring wellness programs to people living in public housing communities and much more

Phoebe considers herself to be a citizen of the world and prides herself on her heart-centered ability to connect with people of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Eventually, she plans to pursue a PhD in public health to actualize her life-long vision of integrating modern public health systems with traditional, integrative medicine in developing countries.

She is honored by the opportunity to work with each of you to continue to carry out and expand the beautiful, earth-based, heart-centered vision of the founder of Heal the Planet.

Personally, she is the proud product of her parents who were back to the land farmers in the 1970’s and continue to grow much of their food today even in their 70’s!  She grew up in the country eating wholesome, home-grown, organic food.  As she ventured out into the world, this foundation has kept her humble and always in gratitude to our home planet Earth.  She is also the mother of two sweet, fiery boys!


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