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Founder and Chair


Kenneth Fisher began his entrepreneurial career with an ice cream business at the early age of 17. His business interests have spanned multiple industries including retail, telecommunications, and real estate and his drive and passion have led to numerous successes, including founding the tenth largest paging carrier in the United States. Ken is currently an investor in a number of different businesses and real estate ventures around the country. He has owned and managed both residential and commercial properties for over 35 years in New York, California and Florida, purchasing his first 4 properties at the age of 19.

Ken has been a philanthropist for most of his adult life and has used his business acumen to assist with fundraising efforts on behalf of many charities including City of Hope, Joint Distribution Committee, Kids in Distress, JAFCO, and Jewish Family Services. This past year Ken realized his dream of over 25 years and launched Heal The Planet, an online community and educational fund dedicated to improving life on the planet through educating, inspiring and empowering our children.

Similar to Aristotle and many other philosophers, Ken believes in the concept of entelechy, the idea that everything in the universe has an innate ‘possibility’ held within, just like a seed, and that potential needs only a supportive environment to be fully expressed. Through Heal the Planet’s SEED Project, Ken’s goal is to nurture the possibilities within the next generation of humans bringing long lasting and positive change to how humans operate in their daily lives as well as to the health of the planet and all it’s inhabitants as a whole. He believes that when we act consciously and creatively and think outside the box we can educate, inspire, and empower the world’s population to make a difference in the most profound ways. He believes there is true abundance on this planet and more than enough to go around.

Ken is acutely aware of the power of commerce. He believes we vote on how we want life to go by making conscious choices in how we spend our money. How and what products get made affect not only the people that are purchasing these products but every other living creature on this planet. Ultimately, what we choose to do or buy today has a direct impact on the planet’s sustainability and what we leave behind for future generations. Healing can occur when individuals take responsibility for their everyday choices. Ken lives this vision through his relentless personal growth, eco-conscious lifestyle, and philanthropic community involvement.

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