The Oil Alarm: How Secure Is Our Food Supply?

The Oil Alarm is a short, animated film by Liam Scheff in cooperation with the Heal The Planet Foundation, animated by Eric Rogerson.

This 17 minute film shows us in appealing graphics and simple, clear terms where we are in our use and misuse of oil, and how impending oil decline will affect us right where we live – especially at the grocery store.

Join the discussion about securing local food sources, building resilient food networks and ensuring your safety in the upcoming crisis.

How Secure Is Our Food Supply?

And What Does Crude Oil Have To Do With Growing Food?

What will you do when trucks stop running?

When grocery stores go empty?

When food runs low – or runs out?

How will high gas prices and food shortages effect YOU?


Our coast-to-coast, long-distance, industrial food system is based entirely on cheap, abundant fuel. And that fuel is getting harder to find, and more expensive. When oil gets expensive, food follows.



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