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Heal the Planet Giving Garden Program at Snyder Park,

Broward County, Florida

Snyder Park is a Broward county run park with nature trails that take you through a tropical hardwood hammock ecosystem, native to the area. The park has playgrounds, sand volley ball courts, disc golf, a dog swim and much more.

The Heal the Planet Giving Garden has 5 raised beds, a large butterfly garden and shade house for propagating plants, all located in the park.  The Giving Garden includes six modules on sustainable agriculture taking the students from seeding, through various growing methods, and finishing with composting.

Our goal with the Giving Garden programming at the park is to encourage self-reliance and showcase best practices for growing, composting, seeding and maintaining a healthy food garden and surrounding pollinator garden in a home or school environment.

To that end, we aspire to use our reach as wisely and sustainably as possible. We will build in systems such as composting and seed starting, that will keep gardeners successful, invested in their projects and their gardens thriving for years to come.

Heal the Planet Partnerships and Community Served

In addition to our partnership with Snyder Park, we have also received a 12 month plan from local growers for the 5 raised beds we will be planting.

We are also partnering with 4H from the University of Florida extension office. 4H is a program in which young people learn by doing, and kids complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture, and citizenship, in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. In our partnership with them, we will offer hands on guidance to help build the systems, teach the 4H club members and create workshops for families, teachers and community members interested in sustainable gardening, including a program targeting home school students which emphasizes sustainable gardening.

Heal the Planet has established a strong collaboration with Kids Ecology Corps, another leading Broward County nonprofit organization dedicated to ecological and lifestyle education for young planet leaders. The two organizations, are blending the strengths of the Heal The Planet SEED Project with the ecological focus and outdoor setting of the Kids Ecology Corps.

We are very excited to see what the Giving Garden Programming will become. We will keep you posted!

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