Deanna Sossin - Director of Education

With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and over 10 years of experience as a professional educator, Deanna Sossin married her passion for holistic well-being with her love of community service when she became the Director of Education for Heal the Planet. Deanna is passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering individuals and families to make healthy choices and she weaves the themes of balanced, whole nutrition and sustainable lifestyle choices through out the SEED Project, a six week program she designed to teach elementary school children about nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, and ecological awareness.

Deanna is a Member of the South Florida Women’s Health Alliance, a dedicated group of Health Practitioners serving the community to create optimal health for families. Some other organizations she has been affiliated with include: The Education Fund through the Plant a Thousand Gardens Collaborative Nutrition Initiative for Miami Schools, and Volunteer with the Glorious Being Center non-profit to empower women and children to Greatness, serving on the Permaculture Committee, and has served in the role as Nutrition Educator for the Integrated Program at Montessori Schools.



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