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Rainbow Vegetable Rolls
Rainbow Vegetable Rolls with Almond Sauce
How many colors of the rainbow of fruits and veggies do you eat on a daily basis? Each color represents different vitamins and minerals that keep our whole mind, body, and spirit connected and healthy. The colorful ingredients in these Rainbow Vegetable Rolls will leave you feeling nutritized from the inside out and the beautiful appearance will leave you feeling...

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Hearts of Palm Ceviche
Hearts of Palm Ceviche Recipe – Spicy and Nutritious
Spicy Mexican Hearts of Palm Ceviche Recipe Servings: Four as a side dish Let’s face it - no matter if you live in the north or even the south, it can get quite chilly this winter season, even if just for a few days. So, it’s important to cook warming foods to kick up the heat in the body to feel...

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The Oil Alarm: How Secure Is Our Food Supply?
The Oil Alarm is a short, animated film by Liam Scheff in cooperation with the Heal The Planet Foundation, animated by Eric Rogerson. This 17 minute film shows us in appealing graphics and simple, clear terms where we are in our use and misuse of oil, and how impending oil decline will affect us right where we live – especially at...

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